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XL Signature Candle REFILL

XL Signature Candle REFILL

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Looking to replenish your candle and save money? Our eco-friendly candle refills are the perfect solution. Meticulously crafted with care, each refill revives your favourite candle while minimising your environmental impact. Embrace sustainability with our premium, sustainably sourced wax refills, offering a guilt free way to enjoy in chanting sense. Opting for our cost-effective refill options, you can continue indulging in the warm glow of your beloved candle. Experience the joy of continuous candle enjoyment, while being kind to the planet. 

Remove stickers from wick tabs and simply place in jar!

Double wicked - 380g - approx 60 hours burn time. Coconut soy wax blend available with black or white wax. Presented in a classy premium matte black jar with matching lid.

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